Friday, December 21, 2007

2007 just some thoughts

As many point out the year seems to have been one that most of the family (in SA) would chose to forget! We were beset with one crisis or another on a regular basis, my in-laws had a similar year, laced with tragedy and pain! Yet amidst this I celebrate! Throughout this year I have waited for my reserves to fail, for my resolve to weaken, for my courage to falter, and it hasn't. I feel stronger and more at peace at the end of this year than I have felt in years. Our lives are richer and fuller than they have been, our joys are sweeter. If you choose to deny the pain and sorrow, to ignore the suffering of others and run and hide from the terrors of the world, then you will find a restless, unsatisfied life, devoid of real meaning and you always feel that something is missing.

I listen to a morning Breakfast Show (Highveld Stereo - The Rude Awakening), and every year they run a "Christmas Wish" program for the month leading up to Christmas. It is all about the community climbing in and helping the less fortunate. This year while listening to the many requests (made on behalf of the needy) I was so deeply touched by the real suffering that some families have. What amazed me was the small gesture they longed for, the tiniest act of grace or mercy they needed, to feel whole again. Then I am ashamed of feeling "hard done by" or unjustly targeted or for having uttered the words "life's unfair!", no, I am afraid we're missing the point, we have not even scratched the surface true suffering! So I count my blessings and then I see how many they are, because I can't stop finding more things to be thankful for. Then I thank my God for all of those blessings and celebrate 2007, for it was actually a good year!

May your Christmas be blessed, may your family fill your lives with happiness and joy, may God make His face to shine upon you and grant you His Peace in 2008!

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