Friday, January 4, 2008

New Years Resolutions!

Whether we express them out loud or quietly keep them to ourselves, we all make them... and then break them! To some it's a joke and to others it appears to be a lot more serious.

Give up smoking, lose weight, start exercising, learn a new skill... these are some of the more common resolutions. Skydive for the first time, go spelunking, finish my book, learn to eat sushi... these maybe some less used resolutions...

What ever your motivation and how ever long the resolution lasts, is irrelevant! The fact that you made a resolution says everything. It says: I am alive and I am going to live my life, I have plans and I am resolved to achieve them. I look forward, not forgetting my past but not being held back by it(many resolutions are repeats - so what!)

We have so little time here on Earth, You do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. —James 4:14
Why waste it on "what if's" or "coulda beens" or "only if's" or "whateva's" or some lame-ass excuse to procrastinate.

So where are you today? What are your resolutions? and mine? well I always had the flippant answer "I made a resolution never to have any more resolutions!" but I still have them... So tell someone what your resolutions are, or write them down in your journal or blog, at least that way you have one sign in your life that says "I believe in tomorrow!" - that's important dontcha think!

Here are mine for the moment - and I have no illusion that they will last but I'm gonna try!
  • Start a daily walk (haha I hear my wife's laughter!)
  • Spend more time with God
  • Cut down my spending (more laughter ...)
  • Get closer to my kids - they are the future!
  • Listen more, talk less (ok! enough with the laughing!)
  • Read at least one meaningful book

Good luck and God Bless on your resolutions!


Skitter said...

Ja, the laughter at least gives my stomach muscles a new-years-excercing they didn't expect !No ,seriously: It looks good and is well-balanced- some deep and some less-deep. I am there beside you Babe, your helper in all(and owner of your body....) Zoe is in for a good time too!

Anonymous said...

Hope you started the walking

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